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FIAP > Double anniversary in Oradea 60 years of existence and 35 years of Photoclub

35 years ago, a group of enthusiastic amateur and professional photographers from Oradea founded Photo-cineclub Nufarul, that functioned within the Union of Poligraphic Factory Crisana, led by artist photographer Ştefan Toth A.FIAP. Later this club was named Photo Club Nufarul Oradea, becoming the most representative and active photographic club in Romania.
In the three and a half decade, Photo Club Nufarul conducted a series of events in partnership with photographic organizations and artists from 49 countries of the world. The representative collection of the Oradean photoclub members, named “Steps into the Light��?, was exhibited by dozens art galleries in Argentina, Brazil, Europe, Asia and New Zealand. Oradea hosted more than 20 national exhibitions (Premfoto, Azoart, “The vineyard, wine and the joy of living��?, etc.)and more than 2000 white-black or color photos sent from all over the world were presented to the large public.
In 1990, Photo Club Nufarul Oradea becomes a juridical organization no.
45, and moves, through care of Oradea city hall, in the space situated behind the State Theatre of Oradea (Moscovei street no. 3). The space was transformed, with the financial support from the members, into a photographic gallery. Thus in summer of 1990, the Photo Art Gallery was opened, exhibiting more than 400 national and international exhibitions, with more than 40,000 photos from all over the world.
    After the gallery was moved to the new space, on 1 Decembrie Square no.
12, allocated by the courtesy of Bihor County Council and Oradea City Hall based on the collaboration protocol concluded with Photo Club Nufarul Oradea, the space is managed by Euro Phota Art Association and takes the name of Euro Photo Art Gallery. In only 7 days after moving, the first exhibition is opened, organized in partnership by the two cultural organizations.

 Since 1993, the national exhibitions were changed into international ones, organized under the high patronage of International Federation of Photographic Art, Association of Photograph Artists in Romania, Bihor County Council and Oradea City Hall. During the fall of this year we will organize the 9th edition of the only international exhibition with absolute new photos. Another outstanding international exhibition was initiated by the founder and president of Oradean photoclub, Ştefan Tóth A.FIAP, named the International Exhibition of Romanian and Hungarian artists photographers from all over the world, organized under the high patronage of Romanian and Hungarian presidents. The international exhibitions dedicated to Romanian Culture Day (January 15) and Hungarian Culture Day (January 22) were opened not only in the two capitals, Bucharest and Budapest, but also in other cities in Romania and Hungary.
The international Exhibition Eurofotoart is the only international exhibition in Europe dedicated to the Day of the Old Continent, organized in partnership with Euro Foto Art Association from Oradea.
A merit for obtaining these results is attributed to photograph artist Ştefan Tóth A.FIAP which on August this year will celebrate 60 years of life. The events of this double celebration will take place on Friday, August 12, in Oradea, and will start with flowers at the Rulikovski Municipal cemetery, at the graveyard of the three artists who passed to eternity and were part of the executive team of Oradean Photoclub: Ştefan Csontos A.FIAP, Ştefan Vilidár A.FIAP and Ştefan Dragoş.

Data: 22 Jul 2011
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