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FIAP > President AAFR Ştefan Tóth was celebrated also in Bucharest

Gallery of Cinema Patria and Caffé Cinema 3D in Bucharest hosted on August 16, 2011, 19:00 hrs, the opening of the personal exhibition of Oradean artist photographer Ştefan Tóth A.FIAP, on the occasion of celebrating 60 years of life. The exhibition was organized by Româniafilm, Association European Cultural Integration and Photoclub Calderon 33 from Bucharest , under patronage of Ministry of Culture and National Cultural Patrimony (MCPCN) and the Association of Artists Photographers from Romania (AAFR). A large number of artist photographers from the capital were present at this event, and also officials from Ministry of Culture, representatives of Embassy of the Republic of China and Agency New China from Bucharest . 

The exhibition was opened by artist photographer Eugen Negrea, the new vicepresident general secretary of AAFR, who praised the artistic and managerial activity of the celebrated artist, and after that lecturer Radu Igazsag from the National Faculty of Film said that Ştefan Tóth A.FIAP succeeded, along the years, to set the foundation of a photography school in Oradea. The cultural attaché of Embassy of the Republic of China in Bucharest thanked the celebrated artist for his effort in strengthening and developing the relationship between artist photographers in Romania and China , and also for the fact that most of the pictures taken were realized in several picturesque regions of China . Cultural attaché of the embassy Yan Jianwu offered a gala dinner at the Beijing Restaurant in Bucharest in the honor of the celebrated artist. Representative of MCPCN Mr. Carol König from the International Relations Department presented some of the artist’s achievements, and after that he read the message sent by Kelemen Hunor, minister of Ministry of Culture and National Cultural Patrimony. 

In the presented message, the minister of culture underlined that „the city on Crisul Repede River- with his remains of the Fortress, faces of people, surprising buildings in the seasons’ carusel- encourages you to meditate on what you see. Therefore, in my sentimental geography, I cannot imagine Oradea without master of photography Ştefan Tóth and the school of photography he manages with a determination of an apostle. He not only created a club in Oradea , but a real school.  He took over a tradition, honored his predecessors and offers his contemporary people a window to the future. I would like   Oradea to become a city of artist photographers. A city receiving apprentices from all over the world coming to learn how to see with the eyes of their souls. Why not?��? 

In the closing of the event the participants enjoyed a reception, watching also two materials realized by the artist in Tibet in 2007, where he had the occasion to participate as the only Romanian artist invited by the organizers. The festivity of celebrating the artist photograph Ştefan Tóth A.FIAP in Oradea and Bucharest, as well as the celebration of Nufarul Photoclub, founded and led by the artist for 35 years, was possible due to the Cultural Project of County Council of Bihor supported by the group of UDMR councilors, to which the celebrated ones thank also on this way. The exhibition of the Oradean artist photograph will remain available to the visitors for two weeks.



Data: 17 Aug 2011
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