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Member Details | Ekrem Kalkan

Ekrem Kalkan Short description :photographer
Photo activity :EKREM KALKAN was born in 1984 in Gümüşhane. He graduated from Istanbul University / Hasan Ali Yücel Faculty of Education / Department of French Language Education / French Teaching Program in 2013. In 2017, he completed his master's degree at Istanbul University / Institute of Educational Sciences with the thesis named Foreign language teacher education policies in Turkey within the scope of common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
His articles were published at scientific meetings on "Foreign Language Teacher Training Policies" and "Dialect Studies in Turkey", articles published in various journals and Political Discourse (Alter, 2015), Gümüşhane, Kelkit, Söğütlü Dialect (Review-Compilation-Dictionary) (DBY) , 2021) are his books.
It continues to work on an Indigenous and National Education Model that focuses on the "dedicated teacher profile" in order to bring the Turkish Education System to a specific and stable policy.
he continues to improved himself with photography trips and social media lessons in his art adventure, which started with the gift of a camera from a valuable elder. He received awards from many national and international photography competitions, opened exhibitions, curated and served as a jury member. He started photography training by establishing Sancaktepe Photography Academy in 2021.
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