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Dreams of Escape

After more than one year of lockdown, most of us feel an almost physical need to escape. We dreamed for a long time of being able to escape from our immediate surroundings, from our city or country, to rediscover the feeling that there are finally no limits and to reconnect with the freedom of the unknown and the unforeseen. This first question 'what are we dreaming of when the pandemic seems to be coming to an end?' is directly followed by another, more general question 'what are the spaces open to our collective dreams?'. The pandemic has certainly had a revealing effect and reinforced our pre-existing reflections, but many artists are exploring this desire to escape well beyond the current context and its purely spatial aspects.Many of them start with an observation that we live in a compartmentalized reality: economic, social, technological – both within our societies or globally. It would be a 'system' with no exterior dimension in which the possibility of escape would be nothing but a dream, a utopia, or even an illusion. However, the artists whose work is presented in the exhibition do not stop at this observation. On the contrary, they endeavor to present those who refuse to accept such conclusions, who are convinced that a different future is possible and who work every day to create it. But what are they dreaming of?A life in harmony with nature, more harmonious social relations, greater solidarity at global level, technologies at the service of man... The list goes on, but what they have in common is that they refuse to accept the status quo, determinism or fatalism – they are dreamers, but they are also agents of change who have their feet firmly on the ground.The artists whose work is presented in the exhibition therefore encourage us to find an escape first through our thoughts and to question some of our convictions and ways of life, but at the same time to create, individually and collectively, ambitious dreams for the whole of humanity, which appear to be the very condition for hope.Few possible directions:1) How we survived the pandemics and kept a margin for 'Escape' (eg. through art/ creativity) even during the lockdown (eg. concerts on balconies)2) Modern Nomads ('Motorhome' lifestyle like in 'Nomadland') 3) Digital Nomads (eg. working remotely)4) New forms of communities / breaking the 'nuclear family' model (eg. eco-villages/ tiny-houses communities etc.)5) Dreams of a new beginning [reinventing oneself in the professional & social areas - eg. people who quit big cities, change professions from 'abstract' ones to more physical / 'manual' ones]6) New forms/ dimensions of Utopia - what we can collectively still dream of?9) Using technology to save us (eg. hi-tech city farms/ vertical farms/ CO2 capture etc.) [Dream that technology could solve most of our problems)10) Leaving far away (from the western societies) and doing something to make the world a better place [building schools/ hospitals]CinEast is taking place every year in Luxembourg with screenings, concerts, debates, children programs, and the CEE photographic exhibition depicting the life and the changes taking place in our countries. You will find below a link to last year's exhibition "Planting the Future!" with the catalog: We hope that some of your members might be interested in contacting us with their photographic projects which can be seen in the context of "Dreams of Escape".I remain at your disposal and I look forward to hearing from you. Isabella PrimicerioExhibition curator 

Data: 23 Aug 2021
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